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Men don´t cry

I heard quite often "men don´t cry

though no one ever told me why

So, when I fell and skinned a knee

no one came to comfort me.

And when some bully boy at school

would pull a prank so mean and cruel

I´d quickly learn to turn an quip,

it doesn´t hurt and bite my lip.

So as I grew to reasoned years,

I learned to stifle any tears.

Though "be a big boy" it began,

quite soon I learned to "be a man".

And I could play that stoic role

while storm and tempest wracked my soul

no pain or setback could there be

could wrest one single tear from me.

Then one long night I stood nearby,

and helflessy watched my son die,

and quickly found to my surprise

that all that tearless talk was lies.

And still I cry and have no shame

I cannot play that "big boy" game,

and openly without remorse

I let my sorrow take it´s course.

So those of you who can´t abide

a man you´ve seen whose often cried,

reach out to him with all your heart

as one whose life´s been torn apart.

For men do cry when they can see

their loss of immortality.

And tears will come in endless streams

when mindless fate destroys their dreams

Kevin Faulk




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